Enduro Latvia

Excitement during Enduro Latvia

Enduro LatviaEvery year, several European groups compete in a race with 4 wheel drive cars. Enduro Latvia is an event that comes back every year. During Enduro / 4 wheel drive crosses the different groups drive through untouched nature. Latvia is an ideal country for Enduro and 4 wheel drive races.

The Latvian village Kuldiga has a private driver since 2008. Every year he puts out a varied route for 4 wheel drive / Enduro Latvia races. Every year there is a different trail.

Due to the large latvia (2 times as large as Netherlands), it is very easy to put out. Tours from different places

Such a process can be made​​. For each individual groupEnduro Latvia

We can also provide full weekends with breakfast lunch and dinner, so you never need to think about we take care of everything for you

The Latvian tourist information office Kuldiga regulates all permits.

Enduro Latvia: are you interested in? Book one of our holiday houses and enjoy this exciting cross.