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Latvia has an interesting culture. There is much to see in Latvia. Discover the interestingculture Latvia history and interesting culture of Latvia.

Culture Latvia: Summer Fairs and festivals
From June to September throughout the province Kurzeme various summer markets and festivals take place. Every town or village has its own village festival. These are festivals with much singing and Latvian folklore. During these festivals you can see the former culture in Latvia. The biggest festival in Latvia is the midsummer festival on 23 culture LatviaJune. During that festival ther is singing whole night,dancing and at special places are bonfires​​. During these fires old stories and legends are being told. Latvia is called “the land that sings”.

Culture Latvia: Pedvale outdoor art museum
In the Abava Valley in Sabile is the Pedvale outdoor art museum. It is a 100 ha. large area where art and nature come together. More than 150 works are exhibited in nature. Furthermore, in the culture Latviaopen air art Pedvale are often international exhibitions, workshops and festivals. For more information please visit

Culture Latvia: Summer Festival in Kuldiga
Each year Kuldiga organises in the 2nd or 3rd week of July a big festival. Whole week there is celebration with dancing, classical and pop concerts, sporting events and an annual fair with crafts and local products. Ask at the tourist office in Latvia Kuldiga the exact period and the program. For more information please visit

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