About Latvia

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About LatviaLatvia is a hot spot for nature lovers but also for culture lovers. Latvia has a lot to offer, unspoiled nature, beautiful rivers, historic resources and a rich culture.

The area of ​​Latvia is 64,600 km2 and so the land is half times as large as the Netherlands. Latvia is generally flat or slightly hilly. Latvia is very densely forested (42% of the country), has many lakes and rivers, pristine coastline, many pastures and agricultural areas. Riga is the biggest city of Latvia. Besides Riga there are no big cities. Latvia has about 1000 rivers. The longest river is the Daugava, 1020 km long of which 370 km flows through Latvia. Other major rivers include the Gauja, the Lielupe, the Venta and Aiviekste. Approximately 10% of the country consists of fens, wetlands and swamps. Latvia has about 5000 fairly small lakes. The largest lake is Razna (55 km2). Most lakes are quite shallow and in the winter a few months frozen.

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