Canoeing in Latvia

Go canoeing in Latvia and experience an adventurous holiday!

Are you active, adventurous and a true nature lover? canoeing in LatviaThen canoeing in Latvia is just an activity for you! A great activity during active and adventurous vacation is canoeing in Latvia. Latvia has many lakes and rivers. Here you can find beautiful kayaking, canoeing and rafting. Also the Latvian province Kurzeme (where our cottages are) is rich in rivers and lakes where you can go canoeing beautifully!

Canoeing in Latvia is great on the Latvian river Abava. This river runs through one of the Latvian valleys, namely the Abava Valley. In Latvia, and specifically in the Latvian region Kurzeme are many rental places where canoes and kayaks are rented. This includes the necessary equipment. Go on an amazing adventure and go canoeing in Latvia! canoeing in Latvia

You can go canoeing in Latvia for one day: make such a wonderful day trip. You can also go on multi-day trips. This way you can discover the Latvian nature from the water! You will be amazed by this beautiful country! The Latvian nature is beautiful, pristine and infinite. Moreover, there are many rivers for canoeing in Latvia.
When you go canoeing in Latvia you can choose to use the transport service of the canoe rental. They offer you the service to pick you up and / or bring you. canoeing in Latvia

Canoeing in Latvia is an experience you have to experience once in your life. Book one of our vacation houses and rent a canoe! In the Latvian Tourist Office you can get all the information about the canoe rental companies in the region and the best rivers for canoeing. Besides canoeing in Latvia can also cycling, walking, horse riding and much more. Enjoy the beautiful culture of Latvia! canoeing in LatviaA holiday in Latvia is a holiday to remember! Discover the land of unlimited possibilities!