Cina Villa Latvia

Visit Cina villa Latvia, a great experience!

Cina Villa LatviaCina villa Latvia is a 200 hectare plot near Tukums and was bought by Hollywood movie. All films that are made ​​in Latvia , the moviemaker will bring their material to this place

Cina villa Latvia has various attributes that were used in the films. In Cina Villa Latvia you can see houses, churches, trains, boats Cina Villa Latviaand cars. Everything stays in location. There are also rivers, bridges, railway carriages and stations to see. Only the front of the houses are made, because only the front of the houses are visible in the movie. These are usually made of rubber and polyurethane foam. The boats are all made ​​of wood covered with thin plywood. The same is done with the special war vehicles. From a distance it looks real.

The river bed that was used for the film was maybe 30 feet long, but in the film it looks almost four hundred. During assembly, the river is repeatedly stuck together.

It is intended that Cina villa Latvia will become a big Cina Villa Latviaattraction for the future. At the moment you can visit about 15 ha.