Sights of Latvia

Wonderful sights of Latvia at a glance!

Sights of LatviaNearby the Latvian village Kuldiga (where our houses are) and in the region Kurzeme is plenty to see and a lot to do. Ask at the Latvian Tourist Office for a tourist map. This is only in the Latvian province Kurzeme to obtain. For more information you can also visit


The Riezupe sand caves in Kuldiga
This is an underground labyrinth of corridors that removed sand for making glass.Sights of Latvia

The Abava Valley
In the valley there are several places like Renda, Sabile and Kandava. Sabile is the most northerly vineyard in Europe. Nearby is also a toboggan run where you can go skiing in the winter. In Sabile is also Pedvale Outdoor Ethnographic and Art Museum.

Karosta Prison in Liepaja
Go back in time and see what it was like to be a prisoner during the Russian occupation.Sights of Latvia You can even stay overnight, a unique experience! For more information please visit

Musical events
In general, the population of Latvia is very musical. Many people sing in a choir besides traditional Latvian dancing. Especially in the summer months there are regular musical events in Latvia. Also on the main square of Riga you will regularly find dance groups. Also theater plays a major role for the Latvians. A beautiful opera theater is the Latvian National Opera House in the center of Riga.Sights of Latvia

Trinity Lutheran Church
The Trinity Lutheran Church in Liepaja is a real attraction. There is a really famous organ in the church, which until 1912 was the largest in the world.

Laumas nature
This is a beautiful park with lots of activities for children. In a special suit you can see up close the bees. For more information on Sights of